Exciting times

A little bit of trivia about me: I am a member of DAR. For those of you not familiar with DAR, you can learn more on their web site at: National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that many of my ancestors were Rebels back in the Revolutionary War times, although I must admit to having found one Loyalist in the bunch so far. 

Sometime ago I posted about a Victorian photo album that I was deconstructing – well I am pleased to be able to show you the end result below. I also posted about the process here, and here. I entered this altered book into the NSDAR’s American Heritage Contest and I won 1st place in the Paper Crafts category. This week I will be traveling to Washington DC to go to Continental Congress to receive a certificate from the President General. 




The altered book itself is made from many recycled materials, including Tyvek envelopes, cardboard, fabric, and bits & pieces from various sources. Most materials have been painted and stitched, and some were melted or burned. I always include shells in my projects. I just love shells! Being that this was a photo album, photo transfers are including inside. Some on fabric, others on medium gel skin. This piece also includes beading, metalwork, and other embellishments.

I am working on some smaller altered book projects and hope to offer some for sale in my Etsy shop soon. 


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Another album

I came across another antique Victorian photo album today. The cover is so gorgeous. I can only imagine how beautiful it was 100 years ago…


The inside is rough, but it has good bones. Its such a shame that the photos were ripped from the safety of this album. The paper is usually so brittle that the act of trying to remove the photos shreds the pages, like you see here.


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Coming to terms with unfinished projects

Since I did a major reorganization of my studio I’ve been digging through my fabric stash, unfinished project containers and scrap piles. This has inspired me to try to do something with these them! On my design wall are two examples. The top project utilizes painted coffee filters (I have a passion for tea bags and coffee filters in my work) and the other is my attempt at the modern quilting technique of slice and insert. I have to play around with that some more. I am so happy to have all of my work areas in one room, with the exception of my hardcore metalwork – that I still do downstairs in the basement in a dedicated area.

It is much easier to be creative when everything is at your fingertips and everything is in it’s place. Another thing I do now is make sure to tidy up after working in the studio. For years I left things as is until I returned, but then I’d have to do clean up duty before getting started. I find that my muse isn’t in the mood for cleaning, but clean up can be a way to wind down after a creative session. So now that’s what I do and it works well for me.

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Back, but not at the end

The album is coming together. Finally putting the back cover in place.


Autumn is transitioning all too quickly.

The view south out of my studio window. This tree always turns a beautiful yellow. It is wren’s tree, where (one of) my wren houses are located. Wren left the first week of August for his long flight south. This past week the junkos arrived. A sure sign of winter ahead.

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Coming together


Making progress on the altered book. I got some more clamps and they really come in handy at this step in the process of putting it together. Because they’re so long, they also help to hold the pages up away from other areas so pages don’t stick together by accident.

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Days are shorter

I love spring and fall best. Cool nights and warmer days. I don’t love the nasty virus that’s going around and has me coughing – but that too comes along with the change of seasons. What does make my day is when doggies make an effort to cheer me up, as my little dog Zero did today.


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Changing seasons

Today it rained all day – until sunset. Then the sky was beautiful. I hope you enjoyed your weekend like I did, even with the rain.


Friday evening I saw this little guy as I got home after dining out. I had seen these “hummingbird moths” once before a few years ago. This one is a White Lined Sphinx and this time I stalked him with my camera around the garden as he sampled the flowers on all of my hostas. In the photo he looks a bit scary – with that eye watching you! I had to use the flash on my camera as we were losing light fast and he really didn’t like that at all.


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Autumn skies

Enjoy your Labor Day!


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Altered album progress

Working on the altered book I showed you a while back. It’s coming together now. Using Tyvek for the cover and I like how its going so far. I may need to reinforce the binding, but otherwise it’s holding up well to the alteration process. Here the cover is just begun to be put into place, and the adornments are just resting on top for fitting purposes.


Here we have Tyvek in the first stages of preparation – painting. Tyvek works well for the covers of altered books, but I like to use them for pages as well as they hold up well.


This is a small (6″ x 6″) canvas that I’m working on to use as a door chime cover. We have this hole in our kitchen were the door chime is. I don’t know what was over it originally as the hole has been there since we purchased our home. For years we had a regular picture over it and I decided it was time to make something that would “fit” the hole (it’s a rectangular opening, not round like a “hole” might imply) and look like it belonged there. Its a work in progress, but it’s coming along well. This project is on hold as I work to finish my altered book. I have a local gallery that has requested several times to have me bring in some pieces and I think this altered book just might be the one to bring in to them.


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Painted tea bag


Working with fabric paper



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